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DM Phoenix provides a safe home-like environment. Through treatment planning, we address the identified problem(s) that are interfering with healthy functioning. We understand that mental illness and addiction is a brain disease. We aggressively treat a person’s current brain dysfunction and our goal is to return the brain back to a healthy state. By increasing a person’s understanding of what triggers dysfunctional behavior while implementing education and skill-building, the person becomes able to learn and develop skills that will help to improve interpersonal and social relationships. By using Person-Centered, Solution-Focused, Rational-Emotive-Behavioral, Cognitive-Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, and Mindfulness Approaches we work to help others stop the undesirable behavior while educating them about what motivates their positive/negative behavior(s). Our programs provide daily opportunities to each person by developing and acquiring independence by:
Safe and Clean Residential Treatment Center

  • Achieving a balanced diet and healthy eating habits
  • Achieving appropriate physical exercise
  • Accessing community resources while participating in a variety of integrated community activities off-site
  • Developing and maintaining socially effective behaviors
  • Engaging in education programs and appropriate social activities on-site & off-site
  • Attending to mental health
  • Attending to spiritual enrichment
  • Engagement in community-based employment programs

Our mental health experts specialize in a wide range of services, such as:

Other services provided in our facility include:

Alcohol and Drug Treatment: Our primary treatment emphasis is freedom from alcohol and other drug abuse/addiction, which is accomplished by educating the person on the nature of the drug and how it manipulates body and mind. This is complemented through counseling and support. We combine a clinical approach with 12 Step philosophies.

Relapse Prevention: Each resident will learn and integrate a specific plan that will help them avoid relapse in the future. Relapse does not have to be a part of recovery. A Mentor Program exists within the treatment program and helps a new person develop a positive support system quickly. When a resident reaches enough level of healing, that resident may then be able, and choose to act as a Mentor to a newer resident.

12 Step Groups: Our program requires 12-Step attendance, with at least 1 weekly session of working with a 12-Step Sponsor.

Multicultural Diversity and Spiritual Enrichment: We offer our residents opportunities to learn and practice traditions from diverse cultures. Upon admission, we complete a cultural assessment. All cultures and beliefs are welcome and accommodated to the best of our availability. Suggested or resident-requested activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Traditional Native American Healing practices such as Talking Circles, Medicine Wheels, Sweat Lodge Participation, Smudging, etc.
  • Western religious/spiritual/meditative studies, prayer meetings, Masses, etc.
  • Eastern religious/spiritual/meditative practices, yoga, chanting, mandalas, etc.
  • Study of Quran or Torah, etc.
  • Cultural Foods and Practices

Empathy Development: The ability for residents to place themselves in the “emotional shoes” of another is important for the skills of affect regulation and behavior management. There is an ongoing treatment in this area to provide others the opportunity to develop these traits and abilities. An environment that is safe and blames free is provided so that residents can properly and effectively examine their actions and thought patterns.

Post-Trauma Stress Reduction: Individuals who have unresolved trauma often stays in their flight or fight portion of their brain. This reactionary approach to life interferes with a person’s decision-making ability and emotional regulation. Each person will be interviewed and assessed for trauma. Cognitive Processing Therapy will be utilized when residents have trauma-related issues to work on. Biofeedback sessions will be engaged to help others gain control of their emotions and decrease their brain’s habit of engaging the person’s flight or fight system.

MAT Services: DM Phoenix allows residents to receive MAT services through Clean Slate. DM Phoenix has a close relationship with Clean Slate providers, and we work closely as ensuring that residents are not overmedicated.

Random Tests and Inspections: All residents are subject to random urinary analysis, breathalyzers, room inspections, and inspection of items brought to the site.

GED/Job Preparation: Residents can go to the Goodwill Industries Employment Services, Phoenix Indian Center, Maricopa Community Colleges, Maricopa County Workforce Connection, Maricopa County Volunteer Literacy Program for Adult Education, Native Workforce Connection, DES Jobs Virtual One Stop Program, Vocational Rehabilitation, etc. We encourage all our residents to develop and actively work to reach vocational and educational goals.

Crisis Response: We have a “hands-off” resident’s policy. If a resident would ever display behavior that may be dangerous to themselves or others, staff members will immediately call 911 and use behavioral modification techniques to ensure the resident’s or other person’s safety.

Transportation: Though not typical, DM PHOENIX may on a case-by-case basis, arrange and pay for travel arrangements for those coming from other states.


For inquiries, questions, comments, or suggestions, please send us a message on our contact form. You can also ring us at 623-440-8522.