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Residential Treatment Center in Goodyear, Arizona
  • Mission
    Our mission is to create pathways to a healthier lifestyle by transforming an individual’s experience and guiding people with co-occurring conditions through the road to recovery.

  • Vision
    To eliminate mental health stigma.

  • Our Values

    Reason           everyone has a reason why, define it, embrace it and live it.

    Intensity         your outcome is predicated on your effort.

    Serenity          find the peace within.

    Endurance    the race is not given to the swift or the strong, but to those who endure until the end.


symbolizes arising from the flames, beating all of life’s challenges and defeating hard times.


DM Phoenix is an Arizona State Licensed Behavioral Health Residential Facility, offering gender-specific treatment to adult men.


DM Phoenix treats adults ages 18+ who meet our admission criteria. Our residents are those with substance use disorder/dependence issues, have mental health concerns, involvement with the Department of Children’s Services and/or Adult Probation or Parole. Residents may be self-referred, or court-ordered.

DM Phoenix residential treatment program is not a locked facility. Residents are here voluntarily. We coordinate closely with a person’s physician(s), psychiatrist, case manager, parole/probation officer, DCS/APS caseworkers, family members, sponsors and/or therapists that they have in the community. We believe in ensuring that a person has all the support possible to be successful in their journey of recovery.


To work on yourself toward recovery is a very difficult decision to make, and we are very proud of you for taking the first step to seek help. Our program is designed with you in mind. Created by experts in the field of behavioral, mental health, and substance use disorder, our research-based programs will allow our team to treat the underlying causes of your past decisions and mood disturbances that interfere in your life.

Over 3800 square feet, this four-bedroom home in the West Valley will host 5 residents with plenty of shared and private space. This the perfect place to begin your journey of transformation.

Residents may be placed in a private/shared room with a shared bath.

  • On-site sauna and exercise room
  • Pool
  • Beautiful walking trails and parks nearby (major shopping centers, movie theater, and more)
  • house
  • pool
  • room1
  • room2


Carole West, CEO & Founder
Carole West

As CEO, founder and parent, I know what it is like to worry, to feel the fear, the uncertainty, because a stranger, calls you at 2 in the morning asking if you are the parent, to the young man who has just knocked on their door seeking help. I learned that my son was walking barefoot and shirtless for hours, in a state of psychosis and paranoia in that city in which he didn’t live. A moment of gratitude sinks in because I know he is safe.

Divine Momentum is the parent company to DM Phoenix. I believe there is divinity involved in everyone’s life. Whether you believe in high power or not, there is something greater than each one of us that breathes us every day. Leveraging that divine power, behind one’s effort to move forward (momentum) is what will propel one forward. Phoenix is not about the metropolitan area of our city, but symbolizes rising from the ashes of the past and transcending into the promises of a life one will love living.

Dr. Cho Long Kim Richards, Medical Director
Dr. Cho Long Kim Richards

Dr. Richards received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in 2008, graduating from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. During her training, she developed an interest in Addiction Medicine and actively pursued clinical rotations with this emphasis as well as all the naturopathic modalities (acupuncture, nutrition, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathic physical manipulation therapy, etc.) to help bring the body back to balance.

Dr. Cho Long Kim Richards completed her undergraduate work at the University of California, Riverside in 2004, with degrees in Biochemistry with an emphasis in Biochemistry. While pursuing these degrees, she decided to enter the Naturopathic profession for fulfilling her dreams to treat the patient’s mind, body and spirit using non-invasive, natural means to help patients find their way back to healing the way nature intended. This led her to pursue Naturopathic Medicine as opposed to traditional western medicine, as it offered her the best tools to address and treat the root cause of disharmony within individuals needing aid.

Currently, Dr. Richards is honored to serve as the Medical Director at DM Phoenix and multiple drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout the valley. She holds two active faculty appointments at the collegiate level and maintains a professional vlog and podcast on health, empowerment, and equity in the society we live in today. As a cancer survivor, Dr. Richards “walks the walk” as she continuously advocates for self-care with her love for yoga, meditation, and indoor cycling.

Dr. Francine Sims, LPC, Clinical Director/Administrator
Dr Francine Sims

Francine Sims is one of Arizona’s most tenured Clinical experts, with over twenty years of experience in Counseling and Substance Use Disorder Treatment. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Siena University in Michigan, a master’s in Agency Counseling also from Siena University, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the Capella University of Minnesota. Her dissertation was taken up as educational material by the University of Australia.

Dr. Sims is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Arizona and Michigan, as well as a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC). She is an Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (IC&RC) and a member of the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC).

Dr. Sims’ specialization training is vast and includes Substance Use Disorder Education and Prevention, Validation Therapy, Co-Occurring Disorders, Crisis Intervention, Supervision of Counseling, Clinical Supervision, The Science of Addiction, Pathological Gambling and Alcohol Use Disorder, Domestic Violence, Treatment of Persons with HIV, and more.

As Dr. Sims says, she never planned on working in the field of addiction treatment, but it chose her. While she began work in more general psychology, she realized that many of her patients struggled with substance use disorder. She went back and took more classes so she would be better equipped to help her patients and eventually found herself working in addiction-specialized care.

She believes that helping patients to build self-esteem and self-concept is paramount in this work. She says it is special when past patients visit and she gets to see how much progress they have made in sobriety. Dr. Sims admits to being type A, enjoys going out to eat in her spare time and insists that a linen napkin is a must. She advises to always accept people for who they are, not who you want them to be.


group of people having a group picture

DM Phoenix will ensure the staff members we hire will have the training, skills, and knowledge necessary in relation to behavioral health services that our agency is authorized to provide and to meet the unique needs of our population. Staff members must have behavioral health and/or addiction recovery experience. All staff goes through a rigorous internal training process that includes the following, but not limited to:

  • Cultural Issues in Treatment
  • Safety and suicide prevention
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Building Therapeutic Relationships
  • Understanding HIV risky behavior
  • Identifying and preventing abuse and neglect
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Understanding resident rights
  • Understanding multi-drug resistant organisms
  • Substance Use and the Family System
  • Therapeutic Boundaries
  • Illness prevention
  • Understanding Mental Illness
  • Understanding Substance Use as a Brain Disease
  • Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction
  • Personalized Treatment Planning
  • Trauma Disorders in Adults
  • Mental Health Recovery
  • Working with challenges
  • Suicide screening and risk factors
  • Crisis Management
  • Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Person-Centered planning and shared decision making
  • Identifying and preventing child abuse and neglect
  • Self-Advocacy and Recovery
  • Psychiatric Medications
  • Law, ethics and standards of care in behavioral health
  • Service Excellence


Ratios may vary according to the needs of our residents; however, our standard ratio is:

  • 1 to 5 on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • group of people talking

    The goal of DM Phoenix is to provide services in the least restrictive environment from post-crisis to stabilization; the ultimate goals being social reintegration and family reunification. By immediately identifying and providing intervention, we can improve and stabilize the person’s behavioral health and emotional needs, thereby increasing the person’s level of functioning for the transition back to an independent living environment. We strive to include all family members and significant others into the person’s treatment plan. We focus on ways a person can change his or her approach to general life situations, using their improved cognitive-emotive-behavioral abilities. The desired outcome of our treatment program is for a person to improve the overall quality of their lives by eliminating the dependency on substances and the development of improved mental health. With our goal of healthy family independence, we emphasize the need for aftercare support systems that are available to them as they continue their goal of healthy living. We teach others how to achieve and maintain recovery, how to advocate for themselves, and how to become informed about their illness of addiction or mental health.


DM Phoenix digs deep into the underlying causes and conditions of the entire addictive disease process and mental health issues. Our commitment is to help each person that walks through our doors. We are passionate about helping others. We won’t quit helping unless the person decides they no longer want our help. We fight along-side others until they are living a successful life!