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Our policy at DM Phoenix includes providing affordable treatment to those suffering from behavioral health issues and addiction problems. Thus, the agency accepts insurance and cash pay.

DM Phoenix will verify anyone’s insurance to determine a person’s out of pocket costs if any. Any out of pocket costs will be discussed and agreed upon prior to admission. If a resident will be a self-pay, an agreement will be completed, and terms of payment will be arranged. Any fees paid for treatment are non-refundable, regardless of whether a person stays for their entire treatment stay. A resident may be involuntarily discharged if payment arrangements have been defaulted on during treatment, or if an insurer believes that a resident can safely step down to a lower level of care. Any resident who is involuntarily discharged will be provided with written notice of the resident’s right to submit a grievance and a copy of the agency’s grievance and appeal policy. Fees billed will adhere to any contractual agreements that DM Phoenix has agreed to.