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Admissions: To be admitted into the program, an individual must:

  • Be age 18 and above;
  • Be capable of self-care before admission;
  • Be free of tuberculosis (documentation required);
  • Be willing to participate fully in programming;
  • Provide a copy of all relevant legal documentation, if applicable;
  • Complete an assessment and treatment plan;
  • Sign and complete intake documents, including authorizations; (or guardian)
  • Provide medical clearance, indicating a need for treatment that is appropriate for a Residential Treatment Facility such as:
    • An impairment in functioning as a result of a substance problem and/or mental health diagnosis; and/or
    • A need for services as determined by the individual or a guardian, a treatment team member, or court documentation.

Through our assessments, we begin to build a relationship with the person who is entering treatment. We understand the importance of understanding the recovering person correctly the moment he walks through our doors. Our specialized assessments are designed to define the nature of a person’s needs. This creates a comprehensive individualized treatment plan. Our assessments have been devised to appreciate the culture a person comes from, as well as age-specific questioning. We understand that treatment for people under 25 is quite different from those over 55. Our assessments are in-depth and include the resident, and his or her family and/or supports. All residents will be assessed for admission without regard to race, color, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion. Any individual who presents as actively a danger to themselves or others will not be admitted. These individuals will be referred to a Crisis Team and/or local law enforcement. The Clinical Director shall ensure that residents that are accepted for admission can be appropriately treated under the scope and range of services for which our agency is licensed to provide.

Waiting List: In the event a bed is not available, a person can be placed on a waiting list, or we will work together with the referring agency and/or individual requesting services to help them find alternative community resources. Individuals placed on a waiting list will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Referral: All agencies requesting placement for a person are required to submit a referral packet. If additional information is required, the referral agency will be notified with 24hrs. Upon receipt of a completed packet, the requesting agency will be notified within 24 hours of our intent to treat or deny services. If an individual has been accepted and is later found to have needs beyond our scope of services, we will provide referrals for the resident to obtain the most appropriate treatment.

Declining Services: DM Phoenix will decline services for those who do not meet our admission criteria or who are currently a danger to themselves or others.

Aftercare Services: DM Phoenix provides aftercare to all its members. Alumni can come back to support groups for free every day for as long as they would like.

DM Phoenix staff provide resources and case management support to Alumni when they are in need. We also stay in close contact with our alumni after they leave treatment. We are committed to ensuring that once discharged; our alumni have a smooth transition into their next living environment and become engaged in their aftercare support services. We contact our alumni at 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 30 days, and each month thereafter up to 1-year post-discharge.