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Residents will engage in the following areas during treatment:

Initial Treatment

  • Connection with resident’s community providers
  • Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder Assessment
  • Nutritional Evaluation, Identifying Physical Limitations and Complete Activity Assessment
  • Identification of Medical and Dental Needs
  • Learning Mindfulness Techniques, how to meditate and how journaling is therapeutic and healing
  • Finding a sponsor and meeting with him/her weekly
  • Connecting to a Higher Power, or learning Spiritual Options
  • Attending all meetings – 3 groups daily, recreation group and peer group daily
  • Completing all therapy assignments and Socializing with peers
  • Engage in Trauma Work if needed
  • Understand how manipulation is used and learn ways to prevent its use
  • Learn how to express thoughts and feelings
  • Learn Anger and Stress Management
  • Learn techniques to manage Anxiety and how to self-regulate emotions
  • Relapse Prevention Training and Coping Skill Training
  • Identifying a Crisis before the Crisis hits
  • Understanding personal boundaries and how to respect others
  • Understanding honesty and forgiveness
  • Learning to Love Self and Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Co-Dependency – understanding it and how to break dependent habits
  • Learning to seek self-approval, and not living life to fulfill others’ dreams
  • Engaging in biofeedback sessions to learn emotional self-regulation

Practice and Engagement

  • Re-Integrating into Family relationships
  • Identifying how to manage medical issues and still live successful & productive lives
  • Identifying options for pain management and engaging in them
  • Becoming pro-active at managing pain
  • Practice Meditation Daily
  • Integrate High Power work into Recovery Assignments
  • Learn how to be comfortable in sobriety
  • Learn how to manage responsibilities of work, family/social, and recovery
  • Understanding Criminal Thinking
  • Practice living an authentic and transparent life
  • Learn meal planning, couponing, and price comparison shopping
  • Learn Budgeting Skills
  • Set up Bank Account – Services available to establish an account with no money and no credit check. Specialized assistance for behavioral health/addicted individuals as well as those who have criminal backgrounds.
  • Leadership Skill Training
  • Learning the Art of Giving Back
  • Lead peer groups, including teaching others how to live through Relapse Prevention
  • Recognize how Coping Skills are used daily
  • Demonstrating boundary skills
  • Demonstrating Honesty and Forgiveness
  • Living an Independent life
  • Developing the right Goals and achieving them
  • How to be successful in the workplace
  • How to search for employment, based on assessed strengths and skills